Full lenght film

The Wedding has its officialities and "must-sees", but it also has a lot of subtle stories going on along the way. This type of film focuses on them. Audio plays a large role, longer shots and more shots are made. The result is from one to two hours long plus a three minutes long highlights video.

Short film

Focused more on form, the short film is made from fewer shots with a more technical approach. The result is about 20 minutes long. It includes two three minutes long highlights videos (the primary and the secondary) and the most important moments you want me to capture continually. (Usually it's the "I do" part and some speeches made by precious guests).

What do they have in common?

  • It includes a 2:30 to 3:30 minute highlights video.
  • I am present throughout the whole wedding day from the morging until the late night.
  • The physical copy of the film is a USB together with some printed pictures (example below). Its design is based on your wedding invitation.
  • Although I am a director by profession, I try not to turn your wedding into a movie set, so I always work alone and keep my profile as low as possible.
  • Although I've been doing this for 17 years, in 2024, I am only beginning my work in the UK, so apart from my travel and accomodation expenses, your donation depends only on how you liked the video.
svadba video balenie usb fotky print